Was Searching For affordable Cloud VPS, ended Up Checking Out German Dedicated …


Was thinking of hosting a new project on a cloud VPS. Budget around 20/25$

Then I did a few searches on here as you do and came across webtropia.com

I have some dedicated servers in the US and they’re around the 150$ range.

When I look on webtropia they have servers for like 20eu per month, with more features than I’m paying for, yet their prices are like 6 times cheaper.

What’s the story there?
I ask myself, does it really matter where the datacenter is located, even a german datacenter has a global reach right?
Can anyone give me some feedback or recommendations.

Look at the price of this for example
I have a server with almost the same specs in the US and that’s 140 $ p/m

Just trying to get a few ideas and find out how they can offer their servers so cheap, I’ve read some good reviews about webtropia

Thanks in advance.